Saturday, May 5, 2012

Websites Teachers Use that Parents Will Like

If you have ever wondered how I make sight word instruction fun I am going to give you two great websites to check out. 
My first favorite site is They have games for sale and for free. I download the free games. The variety is amazing and the games are fun and easy to make. It is easy to join and not just for teachers. They update daily but I usually check every Sunday when I get my weekly reminder.

My other favorite site is Similar to Teachers Pay Teachers this site offers games and worksheets for sale or free. Easy to join and you will get weekly reminders of new items that are being offered.

If you want to print out leveled books try a free trial with This site is where I print my paper leveled books. I believe the free trial is for 30 days. It has limited access but it can get you a good start on printing some leveled books that you can use during the summer to encourage just right reading.

Have fun searching!!

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