Sunday, July 21, 2013

About Blogging

I wish I could say, I am an amazing blogger! I wish I could say that I check-in everyday and post every picture of every activity that we do, but honestly I am just so-so in that department! With the addition of many new technologies, social media, blogs, websites, etc, I try to stay as tuned in as possible, without making myself and others overwhelmed. I still do the paper weekly news and from time to time catch up on my blog.
One of the most challenging parts about having a blog is keeping anonymity of my students and their journey, but also sharing with those parents that want to know what is going on in the classroom. I only post pictures with permission, and I don't post student photos only project photos. I created this blog to celebrate what we create and do in the classroom. I hope you enjoy your time when you visit my blog and understand that I am a full-time working mom who tries her best to keep up with all the extras we would like to do in life!

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