Monday, August 12, 2013

Happiness Countdown to Day 1

The time to panic starts now :) Actually considering that I have had a WONDERFUL summer with my 1 year old walker, crasher, explorer, climber, into everything daughter, I am just fine with school starting in a few weeks. There is something about being a Kindergarten teacher that is so different from other teaching experiences. We are truly the only teachers that have an entire class of students we have never seen before. Some students we see at Pre-K, but the majority of our class is made up of new students to our DCS community. Nothing is better then the gift of creating a good foundation for education.
My goal is always for my student's to say I LOVE SCHOOL!! Yes there will be things that we do in the day to day that we might not all LOVE, but the experience of school is what I want my students to LOVE!!!
So with just a few weeks away, I think about the last minute details of school. How will I organize my classroom for this new group of kiddos? What will I do differently? Who will walk through those doors with big smiles, sad faces, uncertainty, or worry (parents and kiddos)?!?
From the first moment I see my students I am happy!! So let the Happiness countdown begin!

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