Friday, August 16, 2013

Parent Volunteers

The welcome letters are out and I am hopeful that my parents are able to check out my blog to see what is going on in my Kindergarten World!!

I was fortunate to hear from a parent today that said the magic words: I would LOVE to volunteer!! (Harps playing, people dancing, other teacher's weeping with envy). I love, love, love Parent Volunteers. So if you are a parent who would love to help out in the classroom here is a little snapshot of what I need for the year.

Reading Support: Starts end of September, practice sight words, letters,letter sounds, and read with students to improve their fluency.

Copy, Laminate, Prep: Perfect for someone who may want to do some tasks at home. I sometimes need things cut out for activities. We do a lot of work with sorting and picture cards and the prep can be immense. Having help getting these things organized will help support the kids and their fun projects and hands-on learning.

Room Parent: From time to time we have special events, Halloween Parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Holiday Party, Valentine's Day Party, and 100th Day celebration. This year I am looking for a few parents that want to help out with preparation for these festivities. If you like to organize parties and want to coordinate food, fun, and more, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

Guest Reader: If you are only available once and awhile a guest reader may be a perfect fit for you. You choose the book to read to the students for read aloud. We will tie it together with a shared activity. Guest Readers that want an activity to go with the book must give me a week's prep time.

Field Work Chaperone: We will have field work experiences throughout the year that require chaperones.

So as you can see there are many ways that you can help out in your child's classroom. If you can think of another way to help out please let me know. We have different spaces in the school that can be utilized for projects, cooking, science, and more. So if you have a special trade, hobby, or activity you would like to do with the kids please let me know!

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