Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Help Your Early Reader

We have been reading daily in Kindergarten and by reading I mean looking at books, telling stories using the pictures, trying to identify words, letters, and patterns as we read, and developing reading stamina. As students bring home bags of books these are some helpful hints for how to help your reader.

Beginning readers don't know a lot of sight words so always read the book with them first. Point to the words as you read to show them how to do that as well. Pointers are also helpful for kids it makes reading fun. You can use fun drink stirrers as a pointer, a finger puppet, or a point fingernail (sold during Halloween time).

After you read the book with your child now read the book together. This is called choral reading. You can also echo read, you read the page then they read the page. Remember to point as you read and have them point as well.

The last reading of the text should always be an independent read where they read the book to you. If they are stuck try to have them sound it out, think it out, decide what makes sense, or skip it, before you give them the word. Students who use a variety of strategies to figure out tricky words will ultimately become better readers because they will have a bag of tricks for the "trickies."

The key to successful reading is having the kiddos read books that are not too hard. That is why books that come home for practice may be much easier then the books they are practicing at school. Practicing books that are "just right" creates a love of reading and helps to scaffold strategy use.

If your child is still developing letter recognition always focus on that first and guide them with books. Reading to your child or with your child is one of the best ways to create a positive reading experience!
Martian/Monster/Witch Pointer fingers for reading

Pointing to each word as you read with a pointer finger

Laser Lights for pointing to text as you read

Make your own popsicle stick pointers 

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