Monday, September 16, 2013

Science with 1st Grade

I love working with other classrooms in the K-2 wing and this year I wanted a science link. So Mrs. Maunsell's 1st Grade class and our Kindergarten Smarties had our 1st shared science experience on Friday. We used the Steve Spangler Science site to come up with a very fun activity to focus on how to make good scientific observations.
What we did:
We put plates of milk out and added four different food colors to the milk. Then we had the students draw their observations on small disks that looked like the plate of milk. Then we went back to our plates and added a q-tip of dish detergent to each bowl and suddenly the bowls were mixing and moving colors all around the plate. Our rainbow milk was changing before our eyes. Students then went back and drew another picture about what the plate looked like when we added the dish soap.

We are looking forward to this once a month shared science experience with our 1st grade friends. The students did an amazing job, sharing materials, helping each other out, and most of all being great scientific thinkers.

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  1. This is great! Glad to read about this here, as I couldn't quite envision the experiment from J's explanation of it! Love the photos of the diligent scientists recording their observations. :)