Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The First Weeks and the Best Laid Plans

We are in full swing at my school after starting the 2nd week. My students are beyond AMAZING!!! The students act like typical half day kiddos, they ask when the day is going to be over by noon, but I love that they keep on working. The bulk of our academic time is in the afternoon. This can be tricky for kiddos that are used to half days, naps, etc.
I have been really impressed with my students and their ability to be flexible and go with the flow as we work out some kinks with a new schedule. Last year we had special in the afternoon, this was a great experience for both the teachers and the students, but due to scheduling conflicts things had to be shifted. Now I am the FIRST to admit that I am a stick in the mud when it comes to my routines and I like things to be just so. Change is always more of a challenge for me then for my students.
I suppose my mantra this year will have to be, "make it work", because that is what is going to get me through the rough patches.What amazes me is the amount of flexibility that my students have and that they are willing to work through the bumpy parts as well. So as each day finishes I feel very accomplished. I LOVE that my students are problem solvers and enjoy figuring out what is going to work best for us. I guess that is what great teachers do, they make it work for the present group and not for the routine of what worked best in the past.
So we will keep on pushing through and remember that the Best Laid Plans sometimes are those that have the little bumps along the way!

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