Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year in K

As we finish up our winter break I am beginning to mentally prepare for going back to school and getting the students excited about learning again. The winter can be a challenging time, very cold, snow, unexpected days off and more.
When students return to school the first week will be going over expectations of the classroom again. We will review our classroom rules, go over our daily schedule, and continue learning along the way. The cold weather can also mean that our classroom can be a bit too hot or other days too cold. Please make sure that you send your child with layers, and PLENTY of warm outdoor gear. We will NOT go outside if it is too cold, but when we do all students should have proper outerwear.

One of the biggest things coming up in January is our formal reading assessment. It will be the first formal testing for our students in reading. Other reading assessments done to move students between levels is much more informal. This data is going to be used as a report card grade for reading.

So what can we do at home to prepare:
Sight word work: Some students will not be familiar with texts that are on their level because of sight words that they have not been introduced to. Write down any tricky sight words that are in your child's take home books so that you can practice them.

Read as often as you can. I am checking in with students as quickly as I can so I don't always get to sit down and really analyze books as much as I would like with students. In the back of the Rigby books that come home there are questions that you can pose to your child about their reading. These are great practice after you finish reading a book. Remember a student who can read words fluently isn't necessarily comprehending the text and therefore may not be at their word reading level. How we can make the two align is by practicing the literal and the open-ended questions.

I send letters home after all tests have been completed with the following information:

Level that student reads at independently
Whether this does not meet, partially meets, meets, or exceeds the standard
Next Steps in Reading

In the back of the Sails Rigby collection there are questions for you to pose to your child. Do these every time you read for better comprehension

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