Friday, February 14, 2014

Update on 100th Day and Valentine's Day

Given the weather and the snow days we will celebrate the 100th day and Valentine's day when we get back from break. Please plan on a 9 am parade on the Monday we return. We will hand out valentines in the afternoon at 2:30. After lunch we will watch the reward video that we had planned to do on the Friday before vacation.

A few things to do over break, if your child's books are still at school. Go to, plenty of fun resources and activities for the kids to do. Also you can get a free trial membership at With the trial membership you can download leveled books based on your child's current level. These are printable and great to keep in a box for extra practice. Printable activities are also available on These activities vary from free to paid, printable worksheets and more.

Write down any sight words that are tricky in books you read at home and add them to your list of practice words.

Count forwards up to 125 and backwards from 25 to 0. Practice your coins and their values. For writing have students practice spelling their first 25 sight words.

Remember these are suggestions not requirements. Hopefully a short February means that we are out of the woods with awful weather for the rest of the school year. I can't imagine how those schools in the South feel having had so many snow days.

Enjoy your vacation with your kiddos and I will see them soon!!!

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