Thursday, February 27, 2014


This is the time of year when kids are less likely to be enthusiastic about learning. It is never that they don't like school, or that they are not having fun, but days upon days of cold, snow, and gray skies, make for less than happy students. So I just wanted to give a couple of suggestions to help survive these WINTER BLAHS!!

1.Have conversation! Sometimes talking through the tough times is helpful. They may have had an awesome day at school, but they are not reflecting that when they get home. It is easy at this age to stew on the small things. I had a great day, but lunch wasn't very good. Suddenly a great day becomes a bad day because of one thing.

2.Be mindful! Transitioning from an extended vacation, where schedules are more flexible, sleep times change, trips are exciting, it can be less exciting to come back to school where routines are in place and I don't have the bells and whistles of a trip to Disney!!

3. Down time! Kiddos need to decompress, maybe don't push the homework, let them take a break for a bit when they get home. When they have had so much unstructured activity around vacation, going back to the daily grind is tiresome.

4. Smile!! Just know that this is just a stage of learning!! Nothing new is happening at school that is causing stress for your child, your child is just exerting their independence and enjoyed their time with you when on vacation. All we can do as parents is listen, smile, and remember that this is just the first year in their journey of education and it won't be the last time you hear, I don't want to go to school :)

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