Sunday, May 25, 2014

We are in the TEENS

So we are nearing the end of the year. The excitement of summer vacation is just as anticipating for the little ones as it is for the staff that plans out their adventures. I must admit that it is always hard for me to say goodbye and I do my best not to shed a tear, but I will make NO promises!!

So a couple of dates to keep in mind as we get to the end of the year!

June 13th-Step-Up Day
Your child will be told what classmates and teacher they will have for 1st grade. PLEASE do not contact me to find out about your child's placement. I am not aware until we send them off and you will get a letter that day stating what classmates and teacher your child has.

June 17th-End of year field trip! An all day trip and a long bus ride. If you have to transport your child because they get sick via bus, please let me know.

June 19th-Last day of school! Half-day for students and we will have Field Day. So I will need parents to volunteer to take students to each activity while I work at my station.

June 20th-RELAX!! Enjoy the beginning of your VACATION!!

Top Ten things I will be doing this summer:
1. Moving into my new home!!
2. Painting, rearranging, prepping, and making our home the home of our dreams.
3. Finding out about my new surroundings and what new adventures my daughter and I will be having each day.
4.A trip to Storyland
5.Trip to the ocean
6.Pinteresting my back to school wishes!!! Honestly this is my professional development during the summer, I should get credit for it.
7.Reading, I have many books on my list to get through.
8.A trip to the Drive-In, one of the best times!!
9.A night out with friends Paint Nite maybe????
10.I will leave 10 open to whatever falls into place for my summer, because it is good to have an open space :)

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