Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Break and Back to School Countdown

So I have really been enjoying my summer vacation with my daughter. We have had lots of opportunities to explore our new surroundings as we moved to our new home at the end of the school year. It is amazing the amount of time it takes to re-settle yourself. My garage still has packed boxes as we try to do some renovations to a few rooms before we move things in. Amid the chaos of a new home I am preparing for back to school. Next week I will spend two days learning about our updated Math curriculum. I am very excited with the changes that have been made throughout the years so it will be great to see what improvements have been made.
As we are now just weeks away from school starting it is time to start catching up with your child to make sure they haven't lost any of their end of year K skills as they prepare for 1st grade.

Entering 1st graders should:
Know all letters uppercase and lowercase and letter sounds, including the long and short vowel sounds
Know the sounds of blends and digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh)
Be able to write full name in correct upper and lowercase letters
If your child is writing at home please have them start with an uppercase and then use only lowercase for the rest of their writing as it makes sense to do so. Teaching them that the sight word I is always uppercase no matter its placement in a sentence is an important skill.
Reinforce number recognition

Entering K students should:
Know at least all of the uppercase letters and may still confuse lowercase letters
Beginning letter sound knowledge (use the movie Letter Factory from Leapfrog if your child is very behind in letter recognition and sound.)
Count to 30 with no errors
Identify numbers 0-20
Write numbers 1-10
Be able to write at least their first name

If your child has this as a foundation they will have great success starting in both K and 1st grade.
See you all very soon!

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