Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Smell of New Crayons

The process of getting a classroom together before school starts is truly a labor of love. Today I went into my classroom to truly get things done. I got all of the nametags done for the cubbies, tables, and wearable necklaces. Out went the old dingy supplies and in went the new, newly sharpened pencils, new notebooks, new reading books, and more. I was beginning to have one of those, wish summer wasn't ending moments, as I opened a new box of crayola crayons. Suddenly, like magic, I was back to school. The smell of those crayons made me realize that yes, I truly am ready to go back and start at day 1.

So as your children are picking out their back to school essentials, maybe just take a moment and smell a box of crayons. Perhaps we will all start to feel like we are ready for back to school!

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