Saturday, September 6, 2014

Technical ISSUES, BOO!!!

So we recently had our laptops updated with new hard drives. Well on Friday while trying to use my laptop a big blinking folder popped up with a question mark, I thought my computer was a goner. I called our tech person and he said that randomly the computer is searching for the old hard drive. AHHH!!!! Random, is never a word that should be uttered to a teacher that likes things a little less random and a lot more routine. So he fixed it just in time for me to type my weekly newsletter. I sent the newsletter to the copy room and head down to pick it up, and surprise, surprise, NO newsletters have printed. The copier was flashing data but nothing was spitting out. Not the best way to start my first week.
The icing on the cake was after putting the students on the bus I was walking back to my classroom only to notice a pile of papers on the copier. My newsletter had printed finally, only just a tad too late. So the newsletter will be going home on Monday. The best laid plans are never truly fool proof especially when technology is involved. I appreciate everyone's patience as we work through the issues that are often out of our control!!

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  1. No worries from us! Miss K has kept us posted on everything that's going on in class!!! Thank you so much Mrs Frost for a wonderful first week! Miss K is enjoying being a Kindergartener with the best teacher in the world!