Friday, September 26, 2014

Warm Fuzzy Rewards

A good sign of a positive classroom community is when my students are earning warm fuzzies faster then I can reward them. Each time the class earns all of their warm fuzzies, 5 more are added to the bowl. We always start the year with 25 fuzzies, so the first few rewards will be quicker to earn and more motivating.
So as a reminder the students have now earned 3 rewards. The first reward was extra recess time. The next two rewards will be special days for them next week. On Monday students can wear a favorite hat to school in our classroom. On Friday students may wear slippers/crazy socks, or both in the classroom.
Just a reminder that on Friday we have Gym, so please make sure that the slippers are packed to wear and students have appropriate footwear for gym class!

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