Sunday, April 12, 2015

Like Riding a Bicycle

So coming back from maternity leave was bound to have its ups and downs. Leaving my 3 month old in daycare while I went back to work was certainly a difficult decision, but I was thankful that I was leaving her with a trusted friend. I was so surprised at how smoothly the transition went this first week back. It seemed like I had never left, just doing the routines like I had done before I went on leave. The students knew exactly what to expect and did everything that I asked of them and more, as we launched a new reader's workshop and writer's workshop genre.
The one thing that I have learned as a teacher is the importance of community, more so than the academics that you teach each day, you want to teach your students to care about each other. It is evident that this sense of community was fostered during my leave and continued during my first week back. The amount of kindness and patience that each of these students has and displays each day is beyond what I could ever imagine. I know that the weeks we have together are dwindling, but I am so excited for the weeks ahead. Getting back to work is just like riding a bicycle, no matter how long the break, you just get back on and keep traveling.

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