Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Vacation and New Adventures

So this summer I have a new adventure to navigate, my Master's Degree. Yes after 15 years of teaching I thought, hmmm....I should go and finally get my Masters, I only have two children age four and one, a full time job, and other responsibilities, this is the perfect time! Well much like anything there is not a perfect time, but there is that moment when you realize that it is time to go and do it. So I asked my husband if he wanted to take on more Dad responsibilities for two and a half years, he said sure, and with his blessing I have now started on this journey. My first course is officially behind me only 10 more to go, I've got this. My next course starts July 11th and goes until September 4th. Since my course is a writing course, I thought it would be a good time to try to reconnect with my often neglected blog posting. While I envisioned my days of blogging being a daily share with other teachers and delighting readers with my funny anecdotes and great ideas, suddenly I realized wow this is a job, like a full-time job, wait I already have one of those.
So if you happen to stumble on this blog and like it feel free to keep me motivated to post by leaving a comment.
Happy summer everyone and enjoy all the small moments, because those smalls will then become big and you will wonder where the time went!

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