Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Reading

If you are trying to get your child to read and they are not interested there are many ways to encourage even the most reluctant reader to pick up a book.

Look around for companies that offer incentives for summer reading. TD Bank is offering 10 dollars for 10 books read. Our local library is offering free books, prizes, and sea dogs tickets. Is your child hoping for some sort of prize, make a reading bingo board and have them earn different bingo patterns, diagonal, 4 corners, blackout, to earn different rewards. Ultimately the reward is lots of practice reading, but sometimes it is all about the buy-in. Also you can reward books for reading books. If your child reads 10 books reward them with a trip to the bookstore to pick out a new favorite read.

Read to Your Child:
This seems obvious as most of us do this already, but making sure that you read to your child and that your child sees you reading are two very important ways to get your child motivated to read. It doesn't just have to be a bedtime story either. Start your day with a book to create a day of adventure. Going to the beach, great, read a favorite book about the Ocean before you head out.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Books
Are you going on vacation this summer? Be sure to pack lots of reading for the kids while they sit in the back and ask, "Are we there yet?" How about putting in an audiobook for the ride so that they whole family can listen? Many libraries have age appropriate audiobooks that are perfect for long car rides. Have the child follow along with the copy of their book as they listen.

Most of all make reading fun! The more fun kids see that reading can be the more motivated they will be to pick up a book. Find a favorite series, a new graphic novel, a funny read aloud, whatever it takes! Happy Reading!!

Links below to Printable Reading Bingo Boards:

Link to Make Your Own Reading Bingo

Color Bingo Board

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