Thursday, September 8, 2016

Creating Magic the First Week

So it is always fun to do something the first day that leaves a good impression with your students. I had found a recent blog post where a teacher had told her students that if they were going to have a great year their magic bracelets would transform when they went outside.
The clear beads were not very exciting for the kids until I told them they were magic beads and then the excitement began. They began to string them onto the pipe cleaner and we each had a bracelet to go outside with.
Some students thought for sure that the magic was not real and that there was no way their bracelet would do anything. I promised them, that as long as they were going to have a great school year their bracelets would in fact transform. The students went outside and their clear bracelets started to change color, the students jumped, gasped, their faces dropped in awe, they were absolutely delighted. One student said, "I didn't think it was going to work."
"See I told you, you were all going to have a great Kindergarten year!"
Hooray for the excitement of Kindergarten! Plus the power of science and UV beads, which for a moment were magic :)

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